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LED Lighting is the ultimate way to manage the lighting inside your home. Mahony Energy Solutions has years of experience providing lighting solutions to clients in the domestic, commercial & industrial sectors. LED lighting has many benefits including energy savings, cheaper maintenance(they last an average of 10 years ), and they can bring a  stylish and modern look to your property. We also design and install outside lighting displays and security lighting.

Why switch to LED Lighting?

Big Savings on your energy bills

The cost of running LED lights is far cheaper than fluorescent or incandescent lighting. You can save up to 85% on your lighting bills by upgrading to energy efficient LEDs. The switch to energy saving LED’s will pay for itself many times over 

Reduce your carbon footprint.

LED light bulbs are just as bright as conventional bulbs but use much less energy. So not only does it save you money LED lights are more environmentally friendly too. There are also no harsh chemicals like mercury that are found in older bulbs

Fire safety

Halogen lights reach scalding temperatures of more than 300°C and can potentially be a fire risk. LEDs generate light at a much lower running temperatures so run much cooler than Incandescent or Halogen bulbs

Modern & Stylish look

Our LED light refits will bring a stylish and modern look to your property. The colour can be changed via a remote so you can instantly change the appearance and ambiance of the room or garden display

LED Lighting Upgrades

If your considering making the switch to LED lighting then there’s really no need to consider anyone else for your LED lighting requirements. Mahony Energy are specialists in lighting services and are trusted by some of Ireland’s top companies to handle all their lighting and electrical needs.

We have a full range of electrical services and we are safe electric registered.

If you have any questions in regards to your lighting needs then please call Jamie on 087 747 9201 or please feel free to request a call back.

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