Commercial LED Lighting

Commercial Led Lighting Installations - Up to 90% Savings

Zero Upfront Costs - 100% Tax Savings Year one Allowance

See immediate savings on your energy bills with our lighting and Smart Building technologies. 5 years manufacturers warranty and zero maintenance costs. 

Commercial LED Lighting

LED Lighting Installers

Commercial LED lighting retrofits immediately reduce energy costs by 40% to 60%. As LEDs use only a fraction of the energy of an incandescent light bulb there is a dramatic decrease in power costs. Along with our Smart Building solutions we can amplify your energy savings by up 90%.

Our Commercial & Industrial Electricians are safe electric registered and our work is 100% guaranteed

Commercial LED Lighting Services

No capital required. Immediate savings. No maintenance costs.

LED Lighting and Smart Building controls can save organizations up to 90% of their lighting energy costs. However, many organizations lack the capital budget to complete these improvements. But with Mahony Energy Solutions the system can be designed, installed and maintained with no capital costs and no risks.

Finance Options

We retrofit commercial buildings with investment grade LED lighting and Smart Building Controls entirely at our cost. We assume all the financial and operating risk in return for a share of the energy savings.

Led Lighting Upgrades
Up to 90% savings on Enegy Bills
Lighting as a Service
No upfront costs, no Maintenance & No Risk
Outside Lighting
Car Park Refits, On Street Lighting & Lighting Displays

LED Lighting as a service - Commercial & Industrial Lighting

LED Lighting and Smart Building controls can save organisations up to 90% on their energy costs. There is no upfront capital or maintenance costs as the cost is absorbed from energy savings over a five year period. There are no hidden costs or extra sales the installation pays for itself through energy cost savings over the 5 year period. After the 5 year service agreement is concluded you get to keep 100% of your energy savings which is typically for another 10 years

Energy Efficient Lighting Rebate

Energy saving LEDs

30% Energy Efficiency Rebate

Electricity utilities have up to 30% funding available for efficiency projects in LED lighting. Mahony Energy Solutions will secure the rebate to the client for directly funded projects or to reduce the costs for your lighting service agreement. We can secure your rebate no matter your Electric service provider.

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